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“‘They don’t look for too heavy voices – maybe it’s something for you.’” By spring the following year that search had also unearthed Izambard and Miller.

The foursome first met in a recording studio in west London on April 27 2004, “and the next day we started recording the [first] album”, smiles Bühler.

Down the front, a troika of blondes leap up in their stilettos after every song.

A dozen string players, perched on a platform above the stage, plus an orchestra hidden in the pit, can’t compete with the volume of the fans. This is the New York opening of A Musical Affair, a six-night residency in support of the album of the same name.

Welcome to Broadway’s Marquis Theatre on a frigid November night, where the applause is raising the rafters.

Because we were out of the market for three years, doing an album that I knew wouldn’t be as successful as our other albums.” ’Twas ever thus with manufactured or talent show-born acts: if they don’t write their own material, they have to tour and record constantly to maintain profile and revenue.The quartet took part in an ITV Easter tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 40 years in showbusiness.They were due to sing with American theatre actress Sierra Boggess.“You’ve got these talent competitions, X Factor and Your Country’s Got Talent, which have created this amnesia about musical acts.” Miller mimics a Saturday night television viewer’s emotional roller-coaster: “Yay, I’m rooting for my person to win – yay, yay, vote, vote – yay, they won!I can’t wait for their album – oh, what’s next this year?

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(A Musical Affair is Il Divo’s eighth album release in nine years.) And it’s an evermore crowded field.

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