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Mining companies have had to courier documents to northern regulators because internet connections couldn't handle the file sizes.

An Iqaluit band that recorded a music video to accompany its latest release found it couldn't be uploaded.

The premier said he was in a hotel room in Chibougamau on Wednesday when a staffer informed him of news of the arrest, which was first reported by Montreal La Presse.

While Couillard hadn't spoken to Ouellette directly as of Thursday morning, Liberal caucus chair Filomena Rotiroti said she was shaken when Ouellette told her he was withdrawing from caucus.

A news organization had published emails dating from 2011 between Bibeau; Jean-Louis Dufresne, the former chief of staff to Premier Philippe Couillard; and Hugo d'Amour, a spokesperson for Charest and in which they discussed a contract to repair a Montreal-area bridge.

The unit said officers made an arrest "to secure evidence and to prevent the offences from continuing or recurring." UPAC said it wouldn't identify anyone implicated because no charges have yet been filed.

IQALUIT, Nunavut -- The federal government has promised to contribute nearly million to bring high-speed internet to Nunavut where some of the poorest and most expensive service in Canada has long been considered an economic drag.

The money, together with million from regional service provider Northwestel, will put satellite dishes and ground stations in all 25 Nunavut communities, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains said Thursday in Iqaluit.

The results showed men were faster and more powerful at first, but became more exhausted much faster than the women.

Professor Brian Dalton, study author, said: “We've known for some time that women are less fatigable than men during isometric muscle tests - static exercises where joints don't move, such as holding a weight - but we wanted to find out if that's true during more dynamic and practical everyday movements.

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