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Russian wave cyprus online dating

As they sip wine and nibble on cheese in their cafés …

Enjoying their 35-hour work week mandatory month-long vacations, and free health care … The tectonic plates which have held the EU together for 40 years are starting to show cracks and fissures.

But many countries actually owe MORE than their people and businesses can produce each year. Unable to speak the language or find jobs, they hang out on street corners harassing European women and throwing rocks and bottles at men.

In Paris, terrorists killed 130 innocent people and injured 368 more in November of 2015.

Science has taught us, after all, that in the universe moves in waves. Is it any wonder human economies move in the same way? And, most recently, the information age which peaked with the rise of Internet stocks in 2000. The stock market crash of 1973, when the market lost 46% of its value, ushering in a long period of “stagflation”. If the K‑Wave is correct, we are now entering a period of deep recession, even depression.

Over the years, Larry realized that whether you’re selling an uninhabited island for worth of “wampum” …

Or whether you’re standing on the same island and trading billions of dollars worth of “CDO’s” … So threatening to the Soviet Union that he was sentenced to ten years of hard labor in Siberia.

By Mike Burnick - Senior Analyst, Weiss Research Dear Investor, Mark my words: A tidal wave is headed our way.

It will wipe out the lifesavings of millions of investors. It’s called “The K‑Wave” or “The Long Wave.” Whether you are totally wiped out by it — or whether you ride the “crest” of this wave to a level of wealth you never dreamed possible — depends entirely on what you decide to do today.

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According to the , “the EU could dissipate faster than even its detractors could’ve dreamed.” Meanwhile countries like France and Germany have watched the rise of politicians who promise to preserve the purity of their populations. Watching the news out of Europe nowadays is like watching a black-and-white newsreel from the 1930s. If they don’t get paid — or if they get paid in worthless euros — the fault lines in Japan’s own economy will crack wide open.

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