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My granddaughter was born in Bergen on the west coast of Norway on the winter solstice 2013.Because she was born on a day of such little daylight, her parents named her Sol, after the sun.She’ll grow up with Norway in her blood, and already that difference is there in her speech, nascent in those early baby words.she says, pointing to her eye, while I, delighted that such a tiny person can master an inflection with echoes of fjords and snow-filled peaks, rush to counter it with the flat English. And she repeats it, her countenance changing to reflect our Irish skies, our Irish mist. Her Irish half of the family will speak to her in English, and her Norwegian half in Norwegian.Then she places her thumbs and fingers together, and I sing her “Incey Wincey Spider”.When the “rain comes down to wash poor spider out”, she raises her arms above her head, her fingers moving in time to the words.

The idea was initiated by Sugata Mitra and is connected to the SOLE approach to learning (self organised learning environment).“The little dog laughed to see such fun,” I read, and my words fly north, over the Hill of Howth, up past the Giant’s Causeway, high over the Scottish Highlands, and finally come to rest in the calmness of Bergen, so beautiful, so far away. “Woof, woof”, she answers while I gulp down that empty place in my heart.I long for disorder, scattered toys, disarray, the weight of her on my lap, the feel of her small hands, her finger nails delicate as rose petals. Soon, I will collect this little family at the airport.We invite you to explore the website and consider being involved with us in some way…One of my favourite bits about being a key member of the Granny Cloud team is the opportunity I get to interact, not just with the children and coordinators at all the locations, but the one-on-one ch[...] Read More When the SOMEs (Self Organised Mediation Environments) were first setup in 2008-2009 (Yes, that is the academic term for The Granny Cloud, and it is what we began with), it was in the context of the f[...] Read More One of the most vital concerns we raise amongst ourselves from time to time is about the number of children we actually reach and the extent to which we reach them.

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