Georgina baillie adam ant dating

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Georgina baillie adam ant dating

"I wanted to get my point of view across but you have to remember that I was in a state of shock when all of this happened.

I had come off a plane after perfoming with the Satanic Sluts and handed a British paper, which was filled with all the stuff that I liked to get up to in bed. My mum wanted to go to the cinema with me to watch , but I said, 'I can't do it'. I've never met her, but she's quite stylish and very talented.

"This was a cool idea and a really different opportunity. I am only going to do something if I want to do it. It's about whether I want to do something or not."Looking back the Russell and Jonathan incident, what are your feelings about it now?

I was genuinely interested in the show from the scientific perspective. "It just kind of sucked because people were judging me on things I had done five years ago.

We've been recording and rehearsing and I've been working on my songs and putting all my energy into that. It's kind of like The Bangles or a softer version of Garbage.

When Georgina Baillie makes her debut in Harold Pinter's The Homecoming this month, it will be the final chapter in the dramatic transformation from the debauched public image she presented when she embroiled her family in the 'Sachsgate' scandal.

For even now, six years after The Mail on Sunday highlighted how Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross taunted Sachs on a BBC Radio 2 show with an account of Baillie's sexual antics, Sachs and his wife Melody still cannot bring themselves to forgive her.

Despite a brief reconciliation in 2013, the relationship between the two parties has once again broken down – even though Georgina, 29, insists that she has buried her wild past and wants to become a serious actress.

And it was Brand's obscene phone call to her grandfather during his radio show, in which he boasted of sleeping with Miss Baillie, that forced her sleazy past into the public spotlight.

The distress and humiliation it caused Sachs was then sharpened by his granddaughter's decision to furnish the tabloids with details of her sex life with Brand. I basically trashed it and lost my grandparents' deposit.

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I told her how I thought it was really unfair, but she didn't like me telling her that, and I got cut out of their lives again.''To my surprise the director offered me a place on the two-year training course there and then,' she says. I hadn't really thought about going to drama school – I did the four-day course just to see if I was any good at acting.