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File parsed but not updating

The other is that you have a lot of components which you use in your work flow and you are looking for a glue language to easily bind them together quickly without messy recompilation. Sci TE is a popular editor for Windows and GTK platforms which has good Lua support.(See Ousterhout's Dichotomy.) Another powerful use case which combines these two is embedding Lua as a an application, querying state and running little test scripts. The version that ships with Lua for Windows can also debug Lua code.Functions are first-class values and may be anonymous, so that functional styles can be learned.Proper closures and tail-call recursion are supported.These are the only parts where optimisation is going to give you results, and since typically it is only a small part of the program, you end up doing a fraction of the work, with resulting happiness and less evil committed in terms of ugly code. If done right, you will have a Lua program with almost the performance of a C program, but shorter and easier to maintain.With Lua JIT you may not need to use C at all, especially since the built-in foreign-function interface FFI makes it very efficient to access external C functions and structures.There are several approaches for enforcing some strictness with globals.

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In mathematical notation array indices count from one, and so does Lua. The historical reason (see The Evolution of Lua) is that Lua evolved to solve engineering needs at the Brazillian state oil company (Petrobras).

It was designed for engineers who were not professional programmers and more likely to be used to FORTRAN. This is a valid value for a variable, so mistyping a variable name can have interesting results, even if we were avoiding using globals like good boys and girls.

(the first edition is available online) If you are coming to Lua from another programming language, then see the list of common gotchas.

And (of course), read the manual, although this is probably not a good place to .

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