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Dating a serbian girl

'A lot of guys are scared of the new, reversed roles but are quite keen to become ‘victims’ of the new, ‘predator’ woman,’ says Matko Cerniar, 28, offering a male perspective from Croatia.‘I don’t like the term predator,’ admits one female reader from Montenegro, ‘but I’ve had many sexual partners. Many behave in a similar way but prefer to keep it discreet.It's official: more women are approaching men in the dating stakes and a recent book in Serbia reveals a more liberal attitude.So is the Balkan woman moving towards a western, less conservative European model?The book was slated as sex-tinged ‘pink novel’, to which its author retorts via email, ‘What does it means to be promiscuous?Who decides how many partners you’re allowed or not?If something is characterised as bad it should be same for everyone.’ But at the same time, Struka also says: ‘Criticism (from the women) should be constructive, to make girls think about their behaviour and to stay on the right track.’One recent controversial book on the subject is based on a true story of a young woman who gradually becomes promiscuous.

However, there’s a catch; these approaches usually remain limited to ‘first base’.

Women should enjoy their youths, date more men and not stay with that first boyfriend like our mothers did.

Open relationships aren’t a bad concept, although I’m not sure how widely accepted that is here.''Don't stay with that first boyfriend like our mothers did'The undeniable western influence first came in through the media, bringing more self-confidence, freedom and new horizons.

Serbian girls want their husband shares the housework and childcare, Serbian women want their husbands be responsible with money, avoid drinking a lot, and listen to the end when they have something to say.

Some Serbian girls want to have careers, but other want to be housewives, but in both cases for Serbian girls to have the option to choose is important.

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‘Some women can have a number of different male partners in a relatively short space of time,’ explains White.

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