Accomodating learning disabilities is chris brown and rihanna still dating

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" in accommodating college students with learning disabilities.The purpose of this article is to examine this perplexing question.From this assortment of responses it appears that, although most faculty understand that they have an obligation to provide accommodation, ethical questions remain.

Often students with learning disabilities also have difficulty with organization, time management, and/or attention.In order to dispel misinformation, a brief description of learning disabilities and federal law is provided. " is examined, and recommendations are provided for the informed and active participation of faculty in accommodating college students with learning disabilities.A student approaches a faculty member after the first day of class and informs her that he has a learning disability and will need extended time on all exams.As evidenced by faculty comments, some "ethical" debate on accommodating students is founded on misinformation about learning disabilities.Other "ethical" concerns reveal a lack of understanding of the requirements of federal law.

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Must faculty provide all accommodations that are requested by students with learning disabilities? Faculty across the country are dealing with these and similar questions on a daily basis.