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This speaker makes a great floor monitor or side fill as well.Features include 12 inch woofer, a 2-way speaker with high efficiency Class D amplifier, 500W built-in bi-amplifier, 5 M10 rigging points, time aligned electronic crossover with low pass: 2nd ordered filter 2.7KHz and Low cut: 2nd ordered filter 30Hz.And if you did TRULY forget, apologize and make it up to them as soon as possible. no one likes a “bait n switch.” So why do it if it’s so awful? I know it’s bad for me because it doesn’t help the self-esteem at all, but there’s no other choice really. The longer you wait, the further away from you the person will go. It’s easy to create a persona that you wish were true, but it will catch up with you and you’ll have a hard time keeping up the lie. For a lot of us, this is the only way right now to meet someone outside of work, our usual routine and especially outside of our circle. I can’t say it was entirely terrible as I have a couple people whom I consider to be pretty good friends out of this ordeal, but honestly, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel like I had to and I don’t wish the experience on anyone really. This was a decision that was agreeable by both R&Ds and the show.Jim gave us a home and allowed us to really let this project grow to proportions I didn’t dream of when we first started.

I’m a pretty good first date and going out on dates, but the idea of dating, going out with someone on a Tuesday and then a different person on Thursday, I’m just not good at.Online Dating Tip #17: Eager Puppy Humpty Dance (adj.): The art of being so up in someone’s business that you are like a puppy humping someone’s leg. Yes, you are excited because you REALLY REALLY like this person, but let them breathe and take things as they come. 9 times out of 10 you look like an angry butt that I don’t want to deal with. Online Dating Tip #9: Do not send an unsolicited photo of your penis. It was truly and honor to partner with R&Ds and we look forward to other opportunities to work together in the future.We also want to take the opportunity to thank the people who actually came out for the show.

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Speaker is stand mountable with heavy duty steel front grill, ergonomic handles, power and clip LED indicators, XLR and RCA inputs, XLR and TRS throughputs, clipping and thermal protection.

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