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CC.200(b)(2) clarifies that in such cases, the operator/training organisation shall establish appropriate procedures to avoid situations that could lead to conflict of interest, e.g.where an instructor/trainer has to check/evaluate the proficiency of the trainee/student he/she has taught/trained.However, if the organisation has appropriate procedures in place to avoid conflict of interest regarding the conduct of the examination and/or the results, this restriction need not apply.” Under EU-OPS, practical training on the use of rafts was required during initial training.

At the same time, the particular context of the concerned operator/training organisations is also known by the competent authority.

The training was conducted with the operator’s specific equipment/rafts.

The new Part-CC cabin crew attestations (CCA) are also issued for life time and recognised across all EU.

For example, a French airline may have a flight departing from Paris to Madrid (CC would then speak French and English as normally required by operators), but most passengers could be a group of Japanese.

In this global sector, it is very difficult to anticipate which languages will be necessary depending on the nationality of the passengers to be carried, which may change for each flight. Therefore, CC TO can only provide Aircraft type specific training and conversion training if contracted by an AOC holder/operator, who will remain responsible for the training and competence of its cabin crew.

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